Love Difference Pastries
Water divides but also joins. The Mediterranean seas are bridges between lands, populations, languages and different traditions. They are symbols of reciprocal meetings and enrichment in respect to diversity. The understanding of the other can be transmitted through an aroma, a taste and an experience on the taste buds. The world today lives through very fast transformations, the palate is a processor of this and even gluttony can favour social change. Love Difference has chosen desserts to communicate its message and has chosen a point of departure from which to diffuse it: the Mediterranean basin, cradle of civilization, of cultural exchanges, of culinary traditions, of thousands of spices and aromatic substances. In a time when more than ever, the frontiers of communication have opened up, Love Difference chooses culinary heritage to share and redefine this freely through relations and dialogue.

Photo Enrico Amici

Love Difference Pastries brings together a group of artists, chefs, socio-cultural operators and associations which share the scope of promoting intercultural dialogue, in the agreement that art and gastronomy are important forms of expression through which the individual relates and integrates into society.  
Love Difference Pastries is a gathering of relational environments, physical and mental spaces where creative, artistic activities are developed. They organise artistic and gastronomic studios, seminars and conferences to project creative processes for dialogues between culture and they sample new desserts in which the trans-cultural components are valorised. Le preparazioni gastronomiche e le creazioni artistiche sono il frutto di un dinamico processo di interazione fra culture.

The gastronomic preparations and the artistic creations are the fruits of a dynamic process of interaction between cultures.

The project is coordinated by Love Difference in collaboration with:
Hélène Abrand (Paris)
Ingeborg Bodzioch (Banchory)
Enrica Borghi & Davide Vanotti, Asilo Bianco (Ameno)
Rafram Chaddad (Jerusalem)
Gayle Chong Kwan (London)
Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella)
Caffeteria Cittadellarte Glocal Restaurant (Biella)
Bruno Corà (Lugano)
Catherine Cornet, Babelmed (Rome)
Maite Vitoria Daneris (Turin)
Saïd Ait El Moumen & Maha El Madi, Dar Bellarj Association (Marrakesh)
Gudran Art and Development (Alexandria)
Matteo Guglielmetti, Ristorante Circo degli Artisti (Belgirate, Novara)
Marilena Joannides (Nicosia)
Alma Kasawnih (Amman)
Matteo Lucchetti (Milan)
Duccio Mele, Fatima El Hassani e Marcello Russo (La Spezia)
Network Nomadic Architecture (Athens)
Nicola Perullo, Università del Gusto (Pollenzo)
Lea Petrou & Maria Nyamfiadi (Athens)
Fabio Pettirino (Biella)
Giuliana Salmaso & Massimo Antirelli, Politecnico Milano (Milan)
Linda Tonti (Pistoia)
Oraib Toukan (Amman)
Eva van Tulden & Doel Arts Village Team (Antwerp)
Julie Upmeyer (Istanbul)
Secil Yaylali (Berlin–Istanbul)


Filippo Fabbrica
Project Manager di Love Difference - Movimento Artistico per una Politica InterMediterranea

Emanuela Baldi
Project Coordinator Love Difference - Movimento Artistico per una Politica InterMediterranea

Sonja Linke
Project Coordinator Love Difference - Movimento Artistico per una Politica InterMediterranea