Protect Cittadellarte



A flood hit Cittadellarte on the night between 2 and 3 October, causing the collapse of 1300 square meters of exhibition, recreational and educational spaces. We have lost Hydro, Terme Culturali and some spaces of Accademia Unidee.
We have activated a crowdfunding campaign because shielding and rebuilding works are urgently needed to ensure the future of Cittadellarte.




“Protect Cittadellarte”: PHASE 1
We urgently need to build an embankment of reinforced concrete (estimated cost 800.000€. PHASE 1: 150.000 €)
The collapse has left exposed the foundations of the 19th-century building constituting the core of Cittadellarte, the non-profit organization Michelangelo Pistoletto created in Biella in the 1990s.
To prevent further collapses or structural damages, we urgently need to proceed with PHASE 1: the shielding of the foundations in view of autumn’s and winter’s rains.



Why protect Cittadellarte
Cittadellarte is the cradle of the myth of the Third Paradise: the harmony between man and nature, between technology and environment, between human intelligence and the planetary ecosystem. Cittadellarte is home and point of reference to thousands of organizations and communities all over the world: a school of sustainability where to learn and make peace with the planet, and become protagonists of a responsible change in society. Help us protect this home and rebuild what’s been destroyed. Let’s rebuild the exhibitions spaces swept away and the Terme Culturali, an immersive curative experience of creative and cultural faculties and sensibilities. Let’s rebuild the classrooms of Accademia Unidee of the Third Paradise, teaching the art of sustainability and responsibility in the fields of design, fashion and new media. Let’s rebuild youths’ meeting places, so that they can participate in the Third Paradise starting from the Biellese territory with Better Places’s Hydro space.


What we need

The steps for PHASE1 are:
• access the river bed for removals and demolitions;
• strenghten and make buildings safe;
• build a protective wall in reinforced concrete.

Risks and critical issues:
• further rains might damage the buildings still intact;
• need to prevent negative impacts on programs, and in particular on the educational and visitors’ services based in the main building;
• bureaucracy can possibly slow down the process, since it will involve many different public offices;
• Furthermore,the works are undoubtedly complex from engineering and hydrological points of view.

Other ways to contribute
• Let your friends and acquaintances know of this campaign;
• shareyour contribution on social media using the tag @cittadellarte and the hashtags #proteggicittadellarte and # cittadellarte.



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