FRAC - Documentarism

Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 1 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm


Exhibition from the FRAC Piemonte collection curated by Simone Frangi
In his 2003 text Dokumentarismus als Politik der Wahrheit, the artist Hito Steyerl describes those conversational processes that determine the definition of what we call “truth”, analysing the encrypted mechanisms producing it.
Following a Foucauldian derivative, Steyerl claims that the truth, besides being an artificial product, has always been politically regulated through the procedures which build and settle it. Paradoxically, truth includes an element of artificiality and fiction which makes it ambiguous and random.
In this particular economy of truth, the documents and the documentaristic attitude which accompanies them play a specific and strategic role: crucial turning point of truth politics, the document is in fact the element truly responsible for the production of reality and of its meaningfulness. The use of the document coincides therefore with a form of action, since each document must first create the reality it find itself documenting in its truth.
Starting from this theoretical prerequisites, the exhibition Documentarism tries to survey the different uses of the document and of its tactics in the FRAC Piemonte collection, gathering a series of works playing with the testimonial function of the work of art as document, highlighting its potential to counterfeit and rectify reality as well as its semantic ambivalence.

FRAC Piemonte, born in 2007, is a unique and innovative choice that puts Piemonte Region as an avantguard in Italian cultural policies that support contemporary art. The Fund is finalized at purchasing of works by international young artists who have been selected to take part in Artissima, the international fair of contemporary art in Turin. The Fund is aimed at making the public, and in particular the younger generations, aware of the new trends of contemporary art, through a cultural and didactical activities program. Since 2011 Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto has been a permanent base for preservation, storage and exhibiton of the FRAC Piemonte collection and has been seeing to its active enhancement.