Cittadellarte and the Biella district.
Cittadellarte is at the center of MiTo (Italian for myth), halfway between Turin and Milan, but also in the heart of an area in deep regeneration.

Biella has a glorious past as a wool district that still today makes it one of the most important centers of global fashion. But this vocation, while still being a driving force, has seen its size considerably reduced and the people are now facing a situation unknown to previous generations: the future is a less rosy picture than the past. Some excellence continue to grow and different companies maintain a presence on the market, but in the population is widespread the awareness that an innovation is needed, innovation into its own productive, economic, social and (primary for us) cultural identity.

Cittadellarte is a hotbed of innovative thinking and over the years has worked with hundreds of economic, social and civil realities of the area; It helped rebuild the social fabric and to provide visions and perspectives that are highly innovative, connecting to to many active and proactive institutions and organizations.

Le Terme Cultural constitute an incentive also from this point of view: a way to attract to Biella the attention of a broad, international community, people interested in topics such as art and care that culture entails.

Among the many organizations with which we work, we note in particular the websites of three subjects:

For broader and deeper exploration of the Biella district, we refer to the excellent work done by the ATL that provides a complete tool to explore the tourist attractions of the area: