:: the committees of Cittadellarte

:: UNIDEE admission committee

The projects and material received shall be judged and selected by an international jury that will then proceed to assigning the seats, in compliance with the aims mentioned in the introduction.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Artistic Director Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto
Teresa Alonso, Artist
omi Scheiderbauer, Artist
Massimo Melotti,  Press Office and External Affairs Manager, Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum,Turin
Elisabeth Schlebbrugge
, Psychoanalyst and Art critic, Vienna
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Art critic and Director Contemporary Art Museum, Bergamo

:: Scientific committee

c a l c - Teresa Alonso Novo and omi Scheiderbauer, artist, Spain and Italy
Giuliano Della Pergola, Professor of Urban and Rural Sociology, Polytechnic of Milan
Alanna Heiss, Director of PS1 Museum, New York
Edelbert Köb, Director of Museum of Modern Art - Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna.
Henrich Kreutz, Professor of Sociology, University of Nuremberg
Ervin Laszlo, Expert in Philosophy of Systems and General Theory of Evolution, President of the "Club of Budapest", Montescudaio (Pisa)
Michel Maffesoli, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Research Institute of the Imaginary, Sorbonne, Paris
Massimo Melotti, Press Office and External Affairs Manager, Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum,Turin
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Chair of General Management and Director of the European Center for Art and Management (ECAM), University of Stockholm               Renzo Piano, Architect, Building Worshop, Genoa
Elisabeth Samsonov, Professor of Historic and Philosophic Antropology of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Walter Santagata, Professor of Financial Science, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Turin
Prof. Janwillem Schrofer,, President of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
Elisabeth Schweeger, Superintendent of Frankfurt Theatres
Harald Szemann,, Art historian, Tegna (CH)
Denis Zacharopoulos, Art historian, Athens