:: about the residence

UNIDEE in Residence International Program is open to students and graduates of different university faculties, to artists and professionals.

The growing interest in research into and development of IDEAS in all sectors of society is not interpreted by UNIDEE in generic terms but as the need for a creative contribution in all areas of activity in the specific direction outlined in the introductory text. Consequently, UNIDEE offers course participants an experience unlike anything offered in any other university or academic program. Work is grounded in an imaginative practice that operates within each profession and is directed towards responsible transformation of society.

UNIDEE residents live and work on the Cittadellarte site, a pleasing example of industrial archaeology, and participate in courses, workshops, public meetings and exhibitions, enjoying a collective experience of interpersonal relationships.


:: Regulations

UNIDEE in residence represents the first phase, the generation of ideas, of the development of projects at the University of Ideas. This may then be followed by a feasibility study and the realization of projects.

- The UNIDEE programs are directed by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

- UNIDEE in residence lasts for four months from 1 July to 31 October.
The official language is English.

- The work of the University of Ideas involves constant interaction with the core operative units (offices) of Cittadellarte, which put the programme of responsible transformation of society into effect through projects developed in conjunction with public and private institutions, companies, cultural bodies and economic and productive structures (partners).

- During the residency seminars are held by experts and professors of various humanistic, scientific, economic, political, artistic and social disciplines.

- At the end of the residency, the ideas that have been generated are presented publicly at the UNIDEE in progress exhibition-event and are discussed individually with the respective partners. The most significant projects are then selected for the feasibility study phase, a variable period of time during which further research and development is carried out prior to a possible realization phase. The feasibility study and realization phases take place after the end of the residency.

- A relationship of co-authorship is established between residents and Cittadellarte for the individual projects; this is assessed in relation to objectives, contribution of ideas, resources and active engagement.
(Consult www.cittadellarte.it/unidee/index.html for further information about projects realized during residencies).

- Residents may attend all the events in the Cittadellarte program – exhibitions, conferences, performances, workshops.

- At the end of the course each resident will receive an attendance certificate. This will not, however, be issued if the resident has missed more than 20% of the activities on the programme.

- Manydee: this is an on-line work platform for sharing ideas and realizing projects of responsible transformation of society. This has been automatically open since October 2000 to all UNIDEE in residence participants.

Facilities: one whole floor of the main Cittadellarte building is devoted to UNIDEE in residence (meeting and seminar rooms, computer room and study and work area). Residents also have the use of a work studio, TV room and an area for performances, films and conferences.

Cittadellarte is a no-smoking area.