During the three months spent in Cittadellarte it has
been possible to discuss different aspects of our
contemporary culture and society. In such an occasion
residents had the chance to develop different points
of view and compare their own opinions with experts’
ideas. Starting from this experience, we planned
projects meant to approach contemporary art to
society. Even if all these projects are so different one
from each other, they all have points in common. There
are underlying themes or spheres that link all
projects together in the way they all take an interest
in society and in its different issues. The projects
in fact deal with topics such as religion or the
relationship between man and spirituality, industry or
the relationship between art and economy,
communication or the relationship between man and mass
This exhibition is above all meant to show how
different spheres of society can be so close and
touch one another, even if they seem far
from each other, because they still manage to ‘weave’
the fabric of society where we meet, these spheres
belong to art and art belong to them. This the reason
why coloured circles have been placed on the ground,
in fact they not only show visitors the way inside the
exhibition but they also have an inner meaning, they
represent the spheres inside which we, as artists and
human beings, are moving.

Juan Esteban Sandoval, april 2001