How to make a suggestion.

Check out the browse menus and objects, read the rules for suggestions under the "more on the island page" then go to the contact page.


Questions that might be useful for developing suggestions:


Example suggestions.

work hard on my project for the whole period (giving a detailed project outline)

wear only your pants and socks and get drunk on beer for the whole period of the experiment.

drink only cold coffee and try continuously to phone the White house and advise them about forign policy.

be Joseph Beuys.

phone me on (phone no) and tell me about how things are going.

send a letter to (address) with the 100 euros enclosed.

drink the washing up liquid.

bribe the other residents to partake in illicit acts.

imagine for three days that you are a fly.

phone 35 random people, and insult/compliment them.

walk from one end of the island to the other all day.

cook from this recipe.

write a novel.

imagine that you are in charge of everything and everyone and get really angry when people wont do what you say.

help one of the other island residents for 2 days. You can eat and sleep freely but do everything with positivity and to the best of your normal ability.

use the paper knife and cut your hair.

do a drawing of the corner.

make your own mind up and dont expect me to suggest stuff.