Back pack show
project by Alejandro Vásquez Salinas

Back Pash show

This little word has ample meaning, and lends itself an infinity of ideas, from the construction of virtual bridges like web site, to the development of videos and installations with strong conceptual content, as in the case of "el puente" in Galeria of the Centro Colombo Americano, that displayed a number of projects and reflections about conceptual bridges.

At the end of July, an invitation was sent to the residents of the Unidee program of Fondazione Pistoletto, to think about how their personal projects could relate to the "el puente" project. These ideas will be shown in Cittadellarte the third week of October.

A documentary video will can be made about the show, as well as a collection of digital archives, images, sounds, and other "easily transportable material". This collection will be presented in a gallery in Medellin. The concept is to work jointly, first with foreign projects in Colombia, then with projects initiated outside of Colombia that include both Colombian and foreign artists, and to make of "el puente" a tangible communication channel, that allows the presentation of multidisciplinary works in several parts of the world. Considering that common device exists for artistic work, and the same media are by itself an artistic work, it is to say "el puente" can become a cultural tool an “extra-geographic” for developing artistic projects with social intention.

We will work with the contacts that each resident has in their own country, that is to say, that each person will be in charge of obtaining a space where the ideas can be presented.

After this experience, the project is open towards the future; the next idea is to involve people and institutions around the world to do the same action in different countries. To try to do a workshop (factory), or a call, in order to make works in Medellin, soon to reunite all the material (digital or video) to send it to a city-contact outside. And in the same way, to make a show or a cinema club or other cultural event, in order to show artistic works from Medellin in other parts of the world and work of other cities of the world, using the communication channels available in our time, which is ideal for projects of this type.

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