deconstructing information
by Peter Verwimp and Roberto Vaio
(DJ @ Radio Flash, Turin)

deconstructing information soundperformance

"deconstructing information": by means of using different audio-media like minidiscs, cds, recordplayers, televisions and microphones and cutting up, deconstructing, splicing, atomizing the information coming from those sources (lectures, adverts, soaps, news, music, sounds,...) and layering them in a random way, the information becomes disinformation. Bits and pieces form a different reality, questioning the reality they arrive from, sometimes becoming noise, too much information to focus on, an overload of sounds becoming so chaotic that it becomes impossible to catch one single part of this information. It replects on the random noise we hear and see every day in society thru advertising, news, television and radio programs, traffic sounds etc...

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