The Flying
project by Tania Goloviznina

with the contribution of:
Rafram Chaddad and Ishan Ghosh

project in collaboration with:
Istituto Belletti Bona, Arcipelago Patatrac, Associazione Donne in Viaggio

The Flying is a project Tania has been working since 2003 and carried out in both Russia and in Taiwan. In both places she worked with people from different layers of society. She's very happy to continue the project here in Biella. She says that all people can fly. It's a pity we can only do it in our dreams. When she tries to get to know somebody, she sees two points of view that can help her understand this person better. The first is the society's point of view, that is, what family, friends and job colleagues thinks of him. The second is how this person sees himself, what he thinks of himself. How do these two aspects interact with each other? What impact has the society's point of view on a person's self-identity? Tania believes that the only moment we are truly ourselves is when we fly in our dreams. Her project is divided into four steps: questionnaires, interviews, photos of how we fly and drawings of every story in the form of a comic strip.


THE FLYING - an art project - “ case study”

All people can fly.
It is pity that it is possible only in your dream.
We keep forgetting the main reason for our life. We pursue after carrier and money, while forgetting our main interest - To be happy.
The lack of questions in our day life, prevent us from seeing what is so elementary, what is really important, yet simple, our happiness.
Only when you answer to you own questions, you start to practice some happiness.

My main interest in my creative work is people: the individuals and their intercourse with the society.
When I try to understand, to realise somebody, I start by finding 2 points-of-view for understanding this person.
First, is society’s point of view, for example, what the family, friends and colleagues, think about him.
The second point is how the person sees himself. what does he think about himself? How he see himself?
When you fly in your dream, as I see it, it is one of the moments when you completely open your potential, becoming yourself.
How these 2 points-of-view interact with each other? What kind of impact does society’s point of view have on a person’s self-identity?
Therefore, I would like to give everybody this note-book of questions.
This note-book gives everybody the possibility, not only to answer these questions, but also to share one’s pain and joy.
The other aim of this questionnaire is to get unrepeatable experiences of understanding of one’s life.
I think it is very important for everyone doing it in private. I wish this project will help to find real differences between the society’s point of view and the person’s point of view ( if they exist), and help to perceive life as valuable.

In 2003 I started to take off in “The Flying” project in St. Petersburg – Russia and in Taiwan. In both cases, I worked with people from different layers of the society.
I am very happy for my possibility to continue with this project, here in Biella – Italy.

If you are young or old, if you are a student, businessman or artist, this notebook of questions is for you!
Alone or with your friends, with your family or with someone else (maybe with your old neighbor). You can write inside this notebook or you can draw, just express yourself freely!
You can fill all of these lists or you may not.
If you don’t want to write your name, just write where you are from, how old you are…

After you’ve finished with this, please give this notebook to me. My name is Tania, and I am an artist from Russia.
I would might want to talk with you about your flying in your dreams, and to make some interview about it.

I’ll be happy to take some photos, while you demonstrating for me the way you fly?

I will also ask you to describe me one of your “flight dreams”, and I’ll sketch, according to your description, a comic’s strip, as a story board for an undone movie.

Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,


Download the questionnaire in .RTF format


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