"F" Foodperformance
project by Peter Verwimp

´F´ : F for foodperformance
was an attempt to see how patient-impatient people could be. As i didn´t prepare any of the foods used later in the performance i first had to peel and cut all the fruits i wanted to use for it. A lot of people didn´t bother watching me do that and just left. Some others were maybe more interested and stayed to watch the preparation of the fruits and the chocolate fondue. Because of being together in the space and the mutual interest for the food people started to talk to me and to eachother. This proofs that people always talk over food, it´s a trigger for communication. In the second part of the performance i just handed out the fruit sticks to the visitors( made individually for every single person present) and this gift provoked communication again. People talked to me about their lives, interests, disagreements etc... and in this way made the performance succesfull as this was my overall idea and goal, to have people talk to others, to me... And as food is such a basic part of our lives, people also reacted in a very basic way. For me it was important to give people something real, something to feel, to smell, to taste as i think that art sometimes is too static, to disconnected from real life.

Lindt milkchocolate, butter, cream (panna), bananas, apples, pears, plums, strawberries, fresh mintleaves, sesame seeds, almond nuts.

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