The little Black Dress... can fly
project by Walid Maw'ed

This idea was criticized due to its simplicity and possible implementation as it is an abstract work without any noticeable fashion trends. The dress made from simple natural fabric, cotton, is not common in the clothing industry. The design of this work was the start of a new vision of art design in my practice.
My works progress was like this: I sew 4 black semi transparent cotton fabric pieces. The prepared cloth was fixed on a 3X2 m frame, on top I have placed in the middle of the frame, a shape of a basic dress using the same color and fabric. The dress was fixed using hand stitches. The general idea is to translate this idea to modified mannequins.
In order not to leave it at the frame "level", I decided to go forward with the metamorphosis and to show the entire situation through the black images.
Like the mannequin itself that represent for me an outside look, the black cape as an object that connects me to power and sadness, and finally – the transparency, as a symbol for hope.

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