Love Difference Tour - Travelling the Mediterranean

Love Difference, the most important activity of the politicsoffice of Cittadellarte, is a non-profit association promoting a Mediterranean Cultural Network.
The sailing boat “Love Difference” retraces the migration streams of the Mediterranean sea and becomes carrier of individual stories.
The Love Difference Tour will retrace with a small sailing boat the routes of the major immigration streams crossing the Mediterranean sea. In August 2005 it will sail the highly frequented passage from Libia to Italy, via the shores of Sicily and Lampedusa. The aim of the retracing is to get close to the reality of the immigrants and to try to understand more about the phenomenon than it is possible through reports in television and newspapers.
As both a politic and an artistic movement, Love Difference will launch a series of artistic actions, didactic workshops and cultural events, that will involve both the immigrants and the people living in the area. These actions are aimed at revealing the individual aspect of immigration as well as they are trying to show the mechanisms of immigration politics from a different, an artistic viewpoint. Starting from these interventions, the Love Difference boat will become an archive and carrier of personal stories and elements of traditions that the immigrants have to leave behind them. To reach Europe, they often have to literally throw overboard a large part of their identity, like their passports. Hoping for a future life in Europe therefore means to have to cancel important parts of their past lives.
Love Difference has proposed to the Unidee 2004 artists in residence to present a project for an intervention into the Mediterranean area. 3 of the residents, Pratul Kumar Dash, t s Beall and Walid Maw'ed have presented a project.