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project by t s Beall

project in collaboration with:
Associazione Mosaico, Donne in Viaggio and the participation of the phone center Albatros

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Within the context of the Diaspora, migration and modernity, t s Beall proposes a project that explores the conditions of long distance love.
We often love people living far away from us. This leads to a strange reality: we are staying in one place, have an existence and daily life there, but at the same time a very important part of us, our affections and feelings, are located elsewhere. Often the only way to connect is to phone and it is as if our heart becomes extended through space.

How do people live with this situation? Through interviews and sound installations this project attempts to understand how people deal with with the double live of living in one place and longing for another.


For further information or materials regarding this project write to unideeweb@cittadellarte.it