Create your path through! La Trappa
project by Pratul Kumar Dash
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Aims and objectives of the project
I am coming from India and going to La Trappa with a group of participants from Cittadellarte who are going to interact with people of La Trappa. For some of them, this is the first time, while for others this may be the beginning of something new, a relationship perhaps, some sort of interaction.

Background research
Before implementing the programme I read some documentation about the people and the geographical context of La Trappa in relationship to the Italian Community. From the brochure that was available, it was easy to notice that La Trappa was a mountain area with buildings that have a historical architecture. There is not much evidence of the history of the place. Throughout the year the building is closed.

Reason for choosing La Trappa as a starting point
La Trappa can be described as a melting pot where all cultures are interacting during a weekend of fun and sharing experiences through art. La Trappa is a meeting point of generations and this programme will allow them to carry their experiences with them as souvenirs for some time after the weekend. I am also hoping that a good relationship can be built up between this group of peoplae and the society.

The project aims to create interaction with different groups of people, different age groups, different cultural background, and many more groups of different communities from different societies.

The relationship can be created uponcommon objects such as architecture, buildings and other amenities and the people who visit this place. My basic idea is to create a friendly relation between the unknown people within the surroundings to the rest of the world, and to their friends and families back home.

The provision for materials for people to utilise in their exploration and expressions of ideas. These will be in the form of visual materials such as colours, pencils, brushes and papers and other media and instruments for performing music, poetry or even dramatic gestures.

Pratul Kumar Dash

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