Artist's tiles for the Tavolo d'artista


The iron structure of the artist's tables by Cittadellarte holds tiles sized 30 x 30 cm. Choosing nine tiles everyone creates his/her own table. Even by adding just one artist's tile to the table made of other kinds of tiles (glass, marble, wood, etc...) the table becomes a Tavolo d'Artista.

Alejandro Vásquez Salinas and Peter Verwimp have created proposals for 2 artist's tiles.

This year
the tile designed by the artist and cook Peter Verwimp has been selected for production and realized in one exemplar.
He has created a plate-tile.
The tile becomes a plate where to put fruit, bread,... or even eat in the plate itself. This plate can also be used without the table, as a simple pot or as an ornament.

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