To live by air
project by Alejandro Vásquez Salinas

The questions that I asked to employed and not employed people from Biella: "Le piacerebbe vivere nell'aria? E lei pensa di vivere nell'aria?" (Would you like to live in the air, and, do you think that you live in the air?)

It is for exploring the relationship between air and employment. Several ways exist to relate these concepts, that we commonly use without knowing. For example this project is based on one popular Colombian expression that is used when we do not have work: "to live by air".
Then these answers will be written in littles parachutes, that I will throw from the balconies of Cittadellarte.

This commitment to an aerial battle serves like resource to collect information, to compare the two realities (Colombian-Italian) and later to make a project thinking about the street vendors.

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