Wrapping paper / Gift cycle
project by Matteo Ferrario

in collaboration with Cittadellarte economicsoffice

Wrapping paper (commercial proposal):

A new service, print your own personal wrapping paper:
1. a digital picture of you
2. elaboration of the picture to make it a design pattern
3. printing of the paper
4. surprise: the paper has a b side
5. academic quotations cast doubt on the surface
6. the meaning of the gift?

Gift_Cycle, alternative distribution system for art.

Gift_Cycle is a project intended to develop a new system to distribute art works, free from the market system and based on the idea of a chain of gifts, which is able to self finance itself after a small initial investment. The first experiment under this umbrella is tied to the cuaderno de biella, an edition of short movies realized by Daniel Cuberta during his residency in Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto.

The aim of the project is to discover if the impulse to share with other people messages and images that had hit us, and which we invest of value, is strong enough to feed a chain that allows art to circulate. The question is whether is possible to activate a personal conscientiousness on the behalf of an artistic content and a responsibility about the possibility for it to reach people.

The principle is simple: you receive a dvd, that contains a reproducible artwork, as a gift and then you are responsible of it. You are anonymous and free: you have the possibility to watch it, to throw it, to ignore it. But you are invited to join in the gift_cycle in a local and in a broader way. The first step is to feel free to copy and give it to everybody you want inside your community and between your friends. The second propose is to become art purchaser and to finance the next edition of this dvd for a city far from yours, that otherwise wouldn’t probably be reached by it. The asking is to send to the organization (with the letter and the postmark given) 5 euros, that is the cost of a copy and also the littlest banknote. This money will be used only to cover the costs of a new edition - no profit for the organizer - that will be diffused like a gift in an other city with the same system, initiating an other ring of the chain.

Contacts: gift_cycle@yahoo.it

For further information or materials relating this project write to unideeweb@cittadellarte.it