Çagil Yurdakul

Architect, designer



1997-2001 Architecture, Istanbul Technical University
2001Master study in Industrial Design, Istanbul Technical University


Unidee Projects
Çagil is working with Luis Vásquez Elorza on a transportable "shelter" for the homeless made of recycled plastic.
She is also making a proposal for a new urban solution for Piazzo, the old part of Biella. Generally the public spaces are points of communication. However, that isn't the case for Piazza Cisterna. Çagil has tried to design a space, a kind of street furniture that will allow people to communicate accidentally and naturally. The idea for this furniture is "no communication, no geography" and her concept is based on the fact that language is the basic material for communication. Therefore every seat will given a linguistic identity represented by a certain colour and on the top there will be a world map showing the countries where this language is spoken. She also wants to create a notice board which can be used as a forum for people to discuss different topics, share ideas and write notes in public. People will also be able to express their opinions on the topics discussed on the notice board by using the seats. The seats are linked together two and two and if one person moves, turns his seat to indicate a certain attitude, also the person sitting on the other turns. This simple, short movement can thus start long conversations, discussions or arguments. These seats will, so to speak, become our tongues.


She says that being in a place where you don't know the language really makes you aware of the importance of communication. She wants to create environments that bring people closer to one another and that encourages conversation. She thinks that design can act as the common ground for people who generally don't interact. She was drawn to Piazzo by its mysterious atmosphere, started asking people about its history and found that there were lots of stories to be told. Unfortunately only the locals take interest in these things. Not many people pass through Piazzo as a result of its location, and its beauty is partially ruined by the parking lot in the main square.




The residency has been Çagil's first longer experience abroad and has had a great influence on her work. She has changed the topic of her degree thesis to a subject matter that is more concerned with the relationships between people. The decision to go back to her home town and start up her business was also taken during her stay here at Cittadellarte.



You can find out more about Çagil's recent projects and future plans on manydee