Ishan Ghosh
Bangalore, Calcutta

Art and design student,
film- maker



Ishan is attending the third year at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, where his specializing in film making.


Unidee Projects

Inspired by a short stay at "La trappa" on the hills outside Biella, with young people from the area and elsewhere, Ishan got the idea to make a short film about the lives of a few teenagers living in the town. It is a film about their active and sometimes reckless lifestyles, their beliefs, motivations and aspirations. Walking in the mountains they stumble upon an abandoned monastery where a powerful experience awaits them. The film will be about 15-20 minutes, using actors from in and around Biella. It will include techniques like cell animation and stop motion apart from video and documentary footage. Although the film is based on young people's situation in Biella, the subject stretches further and embraces a crucial theme present in youth culture across the world. Ishan would like to screen the film at a local cinema in Biella.
Being a student of film making Ishan has worked with his fellow resident Tania Goloviznina with the filming and editing of the documentation of her project.


Ishan describes young people in India as rather disoriented. Traditional beliefs and customs are in decline and the youth looks towards the Occident for guidance. The strong impact of western lifestyle as conveyed in advertising and films on Indian culture and especially the young, has led to issues regarding identity and origin. They neither acknowledge the traditions of their own culture nor are they western and never will be. The result is a sense of emptiness and confusion. The situation is different in Biella and Italy. Ishan says that it's like the old buildings that once served a religious purpose and the people that live among them don't match. Being part of the Occident young people don't so much look to other cultures for inspiration and feeling light-years away from the traditions of Catholicism, they have nothing to fall back upon.




Working with people from so many different countries has given Ishan a more open-minded approach to other people's work.



You can find out more about Ishan's recent projects and future plans on manydee