Alfredo Luis Vásquez Elorza




Visual arts at Universidad de Antioquia, "El museo Actual: Conceptualizacion y praxis, escuela interamericana de bibliotecologia".


Unidee Projects

At Cittadellarte Luis has worked together with Çagil Yurdakul on a prototype for a transportable and more comfortable "shelter" for homeless people. The prototype will be made from recycled plastic objects. After Unidee in progress Luis would like to offer the shelter to a homeless man in Turin. He has worked on a poster campaign to increase people's awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling their refuse. The posters will be displayed in town.
Customised trousers to facilitate the busy lives of people. Luis has made one pair of trousers with Velcro strips sewed upon the legs where you easily can attach the pockets you need at a particular moment of the day; another idea is to make trousers with a folding stool attached to it and a table that can be placed and fastened between two stools and on which drinks can be put or games can be played.
Drawing inspiration from earlier centuries' "star-clocks", an instrument with which you can tell the time only by looking at the position of the star constellations in the sky, Luis has made a project for the design of Illy Caffè coffee cups and plates.


Luis wants to make the lives of people living in the streets more comfortable. He is well-informed about the problematic concerning homeless people and the fact that some people actually choose to live in the street as a sort of protest against the system. Linked to his concern for these people is his interest in recycling, as the homeless often use old plastic bags and paper boxes, other people's refuse, to build temporary shelters with. His projects aim at making life simpler and more comfortable, which naturally leads to re-using old objects and making use of the raw material that is the plastic and paper that is collected at the waste tips.




One of the sources of inspiration for his projects during this residence was Raphaelle de Groot's workshop based on her work in the Cerruti wool factory (2003). She showed how it is possible to work, as an artist, among people and make a change, encourage others to believe in and strive for something better. Luis would like to take that new concept of the artist as an interventionist, back to Colombia, where he says art is still very traditionally regarded as being something only for museums and galleries.


You can find out more about Luis' recent projects and future plans on manydee