Margarita Vazquez Ponte




MFA in Tapestry, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
BA, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
MA in Art History, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Unidee Projects

Apart from some videos she has made both on her own and together with other artists at Cittadellarte, the main project is a collaboration with Matteo Ferrario and Beatrice Catanzaro, both Unidee residents, under the banner of F.lli Fortuna. After several public actions in Biella and Turin, they're concentrating on a piece of work involving the vast Aiazzone building that lies just outside Biella. They are making videos, sound recordings and taking photographs of what was left behind when Aiazzone moved out years ago.
Another site that has caught the group's attention are the empty Standa premises in the centre of Biella. A five-minute video documents their "cleaning action", in which Beatrice and Matteo dressed up as professional cleaners and cleaned the front of the building which was dirty and full of graffiti. Margarita filmed the action and says that Beatrice and Matteo got very positive response from passers-by, who were curious and inquisitive. Margarita, however, with the video camera in her hand was met with suspicion, and was even questioned by the police.


Travelling past the Aiazzone building many times by car, Margarita first got impressed by the very scale of the building. The architecture and the vastness of it along with the building's tempestuous history was what triggered her interest in the project.




Before coming to Cittadellarte Margarita mainly worked on her own, so something she has learnt during this residency is to collaborate with other artists and to employ new working methods. Living and working among artists from all over the world and the international atmosphere it creates have been very inspiring.



You can find out more about Margarita's recent projects and future plans on manydee