Mary Bellamy




M.Mus in Composition, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
PhD in Composition, Sheffield University


Unidee Projects

During her residency at Cittadellarte Mary has chosen to work on a number of collaborative projects. The projects combine music and/or sound with either visual arts or text, involving a working process that is both a response to another artist's work and, more interestingly, an exchange of ideas.
Mary has collaborated with Daniel to make the sound for his short films, with t s Beall, and Sarah Rifky. The latter project combines music and text and consists of a dialogue, a writing-composing exchange, between herself as a composer and Sarah, whose work focuses on language. The idea is to allow for a free and personal response to somebody else’s work and to set up a form of dialogue which explores the idea of perception and interpretation.


Through the collaborations with video artists her aim is to enable the image and the music to function on equal levels and to avoid the role of music being one of simple illustration or enhancement of the image. Mary believes that music can be more than a mere conveyor of emotions. She was also interested in placing her work in a different context to that of the concert hall. In doing so she hopes to find new paths of communication and development as an artist.




Mary had worked with other performers and musicians before, but never with artists, so that is something she has experienced for the first time at Cittadellarte. She is convinced that staying and working here will affect her future work, how is yet to be seen.



You can find out more about Mary's recent projects and future plans on manydee