Matteo Ferrario

Economics graduate



He graduated in May 2004 from Bocconi University in Milan where he studied "Corso di laurea in economia per l'arte, la cultura e la comunicazione" (CLEACC).


Unidee Projects

Economia di valore, a collaboration with the Economics Office and Francesco Bernabei, where they study the concept of value.
Abandoned Space, a collaboration with two other residents under the banner of F.lli Fortuna, which is a new approach to industrial archaeology and involves buildings in disuse but which still have a strong presence in people's minds, like the old Aiazzone building outside Biella, or the supermarket chain Standa's abandoned premises in the centre of the town.
A personal study of the act of giving as a different way to exchange goods among people. What does it imply to give or receive a gift? It's both an offer and a treat, and creates a situation of power on behalf of the giver and indebtedness on behalf of the receiver.


It may be a reaction to what he has studied and a counterreaction to the general idea of rationality as being mainly a balance between price and quality. Economics is always linked to psychology and society. There is no economic exchange that does not involve society (Ogni azione economica è immersa in un contesto sociale). He wants to go from what he calls a COLD system to a HOT system where the implications every economic action has on people are taken into account.




The residency at Cittadellarte has created a network of artists and others somehow involved with art, which is very interesting and useful for future work and collaborations. When he first had graduated from university he thought of working with management of museums or art galleries, now he's more interested in the production of, perhaps not artistic works, but something similar.



You can find out more about Matteo's recent projects and future plans on manydee