Peter Verwimp

Cook, musician, artist



Peter studied experimental music at the Antwerp Music Academy. Peter plays the saxophone, the bass-guitar and uses electronic devices. He's learnt cooking and art by himself.


Unidee Projects

Peter is interested in food as a good reason for bringing together people from different backgrounds, an informal way to create opportunities for communication between people who normally would not meet. One of his projects is therefore closely related to eating, Interview Dinner, where he invites people to dinner and while cooking lets the guests answer questions from a questionnaire. During the dinner they go deeper into the answers.
He has also worked on several audio soundtracks for other fellow artists at Cittadellarte, parts of which will be released on a CD together with Journal 10, Cittadellarte's biannual magazine. The CD will also contain parts of interviews and field recordings, all linked in one way or another to Cittadellarte.
Another project is the creation of a multifunctional object, a raw form made of long pieces of wood that can be put together and used in different combinations. He has also made murals and floorals, painted directly on the floor using food, coffee and soy-sauce.


Peter started cooking about ten years ago, cheap meals for squatters living in vacant buildings. Food is a tool for social transformation, it fills the gap between different cultures and nationalities, it builds bridges. As for making music, Peter started playing instruments when he was six years old, and he says that the connection between sound and image comes natural to him. When he sees an image, he hears what it sounds like, and viceversa.




The residency at Cittadellarte has given Peter more confidence to work on his own as a solo artist, given that he before had mainly worked as part of a larger collective. He says that being "isolated" here in Biella has made him think differently and pushed him to develop his own ideas. He wants to continue the collaborations he has initiated here.



You can find out more about Peter's recent projects and future plans on manydee