Tania Goloviznina
St. Petersburgh




Tania studied the traditional arts for about fifteen years at school, beginning at the age of seven. In 2002-2003 she studied the "Theory and practice of media-art" at the Pro Arte Institute of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg.


Unidee Projects

The Flying is a project Tania has been working since 2003 and carried out in both Russia and in Taiwan. In both places she worked with people from different layers of society. She's very happy to continue the project here in Biella. She says that all people can fly. It's a pity we can only do it in our dreams. When she tries to get to know somebody, she sees two points of view that can help her understand this person better. The first is the society's point of view, that is, what family, friends and job colleagues thinks of him. The second is how this person sees himself, what he thinks of himself. How do these two aspects interact with each other? What impact has the society's point of view on a person's self-identity? Tania believes that the only moment we are truly ourselves is when we fly in our dreams. Her project is divided into four steps: questionnaires, interviews, photos of how we fly and drawings of every story in the form of a comic strip.
Another project she would like to present is The Way of Life, a work now being exhibited at the Museum of National Fine Art Academia in St. Petersburg. It consists of three parts: a video installation, an audio installation and objects covered with wheat sprouts. She sees the weed seeds as a metaphor of the classic work of art, immobile on the wall of the art museum where it might have hung for hundreds of years as if asleep, waiting for the right conditions to grow and come to life.


Tania's main interest in her creative work is people: individuals and how they interact with society. She says a traditional portrait only depicts the appearance of people, whereas she wants to portrait other aspects: thoughts, dreams and hopes.




The idea of a responsible social transformation has always been present in Tania's art. She says it's been very interesting too see different artist's approaches to similar issues. She would like to involve Russia in Cittadellarte's network and hopes for future collaborations.



You can find out more about Tania's recent projects and future plans on manydee