t s Beall
USA, Scotland
New York, Glasgow




Glasgow School of Art, MFA, 2004
Pratt Institute of Art and Design, BFA in Photography (with honours), 1993.


Unidee Projects

Baghdad! Mon Amour, a collaboration with Sarah Rifky on the looting of the libraries and museums of Baghdad and especially the loss of catalogued inventory of those institutions, and the way information and history disappear within violent systems. The installation is presented in the old literature room at Cittadellarte which suggests the idea of an empty library inside another one. Central to the project is the certainty of its failure, trying to catalogue what was lost in the plunder when there is no record of what once was there, the failure of the US government to protect history, and the failure of language (and objects and history) to convey the endless, circular conflict of violent systems.
A collaborative project with Peter and Mary experimenting with the relationship between music and image.
Your call cannot be completed as dialled is a project that explores the conditions of long distance love. As our modern life becomes more mobile, our hearts become increasingly disjointed. To move your life from one place to another means that you are missing loved ones who are elsewhere. The train station, as a location of transit and connectivity, provides an ideal space to discuss questions of distance and longing. I will interview people within the station about their experiences of travelling, waiting, and communicating with loved ones over distance. A phone will be placed at the station which will play a recording of other interviews conducted previously.


A recurrent theme in her work is that of violence, dislocation, and loss. She is interested in the iconographic nature of the photographic image, the way that images transfer value to the subject, and the way the camera mitigates vision. Her interest in the nature of the photographic image stems from years spent ruminating on the history of force within culture, and the place of production, creativity, and violence within that culture.




The collaborations initiated at Cittadellarte will not end with the residency but will hopefully continue.



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