Walid Maw'ed

Fashion designer, artist



High Diploma, Institute of Fashion and Textile, Beit Sahour, Palestine. Walid graduated in July 1998.


Unidee Projects

Waiting for water is an installation of a 15x15 metres large piece of black fabric that will be hung across the river Cervo in Biella. The work is a comment on the water conflict and the lack of water in Israel and Palestine and other parts of the world. This piece is one step in a larger project that will unfold following the general course of any river and approach issues like pollution, dams and filtration, as they come along. The piece of fabric will appear, because of its size and colour, as something “shocking” and unfamiliar, blocking the view upstream. After the end of the exhibition the fabric will be recycled and made into a collection of clothes, all carrying the message of the urgent water issue.
The Little Black Dress... Can Fly is the continuation of a work Walid first presented in 2003. The colour black represents his private state of mind at the time and the general local situation in Palestine, connoting sadness and depression but also power. The installation is a metamorphosis of the initial work and includes two dressmaker's mannequins, an adult and a child, reflecting the situation from the people's point of view.


Recycling fabrics is something he has been experimenting with for many years now. His work stems from a social engagement and the idea is to use old fabrics that are no longer in fashion and second-hand clothes from all over the world and unite them in a modern collection. He is interested in presenting his work in both a public context and in art galleries to draw attention to matters which are just as locally urgent as a global threat.




Living and working with seventeen other artists from all over the world changes your way of thinking and communicating. You realise that there are no limits for understanding and you learn to think more globally. Walid hopes to continue collaborating with the people he has got to know at Cittadellarte in the future.



You can find out more about Walid's recent projects and future plans on manydee