Thursday 1st July This is the WELCOME day! Most of the residents have already arrived. Now they're learning about the spaces and the facilities of Cittadellarte. At 7 pm their first aperitivo in Citta, before the usual thursday night Turning Point Cinema.
Friday 2nd July At 11 am first presentation with a general introduction to Cittadellarte. And at 3 pm the residents take a tour of Biella, small but somehow charming town, with Asa, Silvia and Elena of the Unidee Staff.
Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th July First weekend in Biella, trying to find a balance and understand something...

Cittadellarte, la fabbrica. The second floor of this building is the...
Unidee working space, still empty but ready.
Overview of Biella
Via Italia
Beer taps in a pub. Yes, we've got beer too!