Claims of History, Lay(er)ing a Ground
An urban Intervention
A "direction to re-qualify" Biella

The intention of the project was to understand the essential requirement of the local population in terms of the daily interaction with their city. Thus the project evolved out of the missing element in the city, providing an aim towards substantiating that need through art intervention.

Random interviews were carried out from different age groups in the areas that were intended towards a change. The project was thus outlined towards a need to re-build a new heart of Biella with a grand piazza at the middle of the route outlined. Varying architectural elements of historic and contemporary sensibilities were combined along with binary views of past and present. The new heart of Biella is put together in a space as a possible piazza were these dichotomies worked as in terms of a single unitary thought. The project would be implemented with the support from local administrative bodies, design specialists and local craftsmen.

Rakhi Peswani