The world can be responsibly transformed and made more convivial and cohabitable starting from the food. During the meals people talk, conflicts can be solved and tensions eased; in a word that people can meet while eating, sharing food and table as points of contact among civilizations and cultures. Cittadellarte Corner aims to create gastronomic micro-businesses all over the world, which can support and promote the contact and the exchange among different people and traditions. The Corners, launched from the experience of Unidee in Residence 2006 and from the Cafeteria, aim to export the principles of the Italian culture concerning the good eating and the convivium, supplementing it with the local tradition of the countries in which the Corner is. The Emotional Cooking – theory and practice of the Cafeteria - represents the methodology to which one can draw inspiration. The Emotional Cooking teaches how to put love around food, rediscovering values such as the relationship, the conversation, the memory and the imagination. The first step for activating the Corner is represented by the collaboration with Qiu Jun, a Unidee 2006 resident, with whom we are working in order to open the first Corner in Guangzhou (Canton), China. The Do-Do buffet offered for Unidee in Progress 2006 represents the first testing, together with our idea of glocal food. The ideogram Do means seed, but also young, happy, round and tender, that is emotional and passionate words; its repetition Do Do is a wishful expression of love.

Qiu Jun
email: huazhunizhu@hotmail.com
in collaboration with
Francesco Strocchi - Cafeteria Cittadellarte glocal restaurant

email: cafeteria@cittadellarte.it

in collaboration with Francesco Strocchi, Cafeteria-Cittadellarte Glocal Restaurant and Nourishment Office