Parlami col cuore
Talk to me with your heart
A creative instrument for looking into the town

The project has been thought up for starting a knowledge and action route within an interested territory. It proposes a creative research method which can be applied to whatever territory. In this specific instance, I looked into the town of Biella with a locally conducted action. The research is intended to acquire information about the contemporary identity of Biella, to understand the processes of identification and appropriation of the spaces by the people who live in them.

The town is derived from an intricate texture of relationships. The game aims to be a means of research intended to determine, by means of an active study of the context, what the needs and problems that emerge from said context are. This game is based on the Hearts game. It can be played with a pack of 52 French cards by four people (exclusively during the game some "alliances" can be created according to the scores). The aim is trying not to catch the queen of spades and the hearts. As a penalty, the one who catches these cards
will have to give some information as required by the card. When one player exceeds 100 points, he loses, and the player who is second to him (even if he has not exceeded 100 points) loses as well. On the contrary, the winners are the two players who have lower scores. This detail is the reason why during the game unexpected alliances are likely to come into being given that it is not sufficient trying not to catch but it is also important not to be dragged down by another player. All the information gathered thanks to people’s active participation will give us an image of the town as it appears to its own inhabitants. This game let common needs and present-day problems come out, which cannot be neglected for the town’s sake and its future.

Katia Meneghini