Das Problem der Freiheit
The Problem of Freedom
Ideas and visualizations for some visual works

Das Problem der Freiheit are a series of sketches and visualizations about the psychological stability (or instability) of single persons in Berlin, who have willingly and consciously given up the “institutional values” such as family, community or religion. These individuals, including myself, are at loss, destabilized, literally “lost in space”. The drawings want to be reflections on the eternal conflict between the search for security (to the detriment of freedom) and the desire for freedom (to the detriment of security).

Given that this is a new and likely long-term project (to be developed in 1-2 years and organized in several videos), during the past months I concentrated less on the actual production of video installations, while I made use of this period to go into the concepts that are at the heart of the project (such as family, dogma or security). Getting inspiration from nihilistic literature (Friedrich Nietzsche), from books about the sense of community (Zygmund Baumann) and about globalisation (Ullrich Beck), I have made a lot of sketches (or visualizations) for video installations. After the stay, I am going to begin and put into practice the images (and metaphors) that have been developed during this period, starting from the one that at present interests me the most: a video that shows an abnormally huge bathtub which contains about fifty young persons aged 25-35.

Christian Niccoli
email: christian_niccoli@web.de