Of images and places
eternal time - infinite place

Contents and containers, reconstructing public space. The project attempts are to arrive at certain alternate spaces that may exemplify a non existing place, making the container of psychic space and the content identical in nature. The idea of representation becomes an act of intervention in the real space; declaring its capacity to transform itself into an imaginary space lost of its notions of geography and time.

The project started by reconstructing public spaces using the sphere as a metaphor, with the intention of describing relations between man and environment. The exploration deals with 3-dimensional videos showing places without a beginning or an end, giving them an infinite dimension regardless to their history and identity. Other aspects deal with the collection of images of people inhabiting public places and mechanically subtracting them from their context. I compose different places of different times with the intention of restoring their essence. A reconstructed reality composed of different fragments in sequence opens a possibility of change in terms of presence and absence. Modifying spatially the presentation of temporal relations, the position of the observer changes and recreates the real, mingling it with the bizarre, merging these dichotomies in terms of a unitary thought.

3d animation by Francesco Perratone

Liron Shua
email: loolee.tres@gmail.com