July 5th 2006
Meeting with
Paolo Naldini,
Managing Director of Cittadellarte

Sitting around the Mediterranean table Paolo Naldini speaks about the origin of Cittadellarte, the concept of co-authorship, what is Social Responsible Transformation, model projects, the economic situation of the Biellese, the structure of Cittadellarte and its offices.

July 7th and 11th 2006
Workshop "Reading the territory",
held by
Stefano Mosca,
director of the Tourist Office (ATL) of Biella

“Il Biellese”: elements of the landscape, the history, the peasant and the industrial tradition, art as a tool for reagind a territory, tales and legends, music and poems about the Biellese; examples and indication to read a territory.
The residents were asked to give their first impressions about Biella and the territory, and present them in the next meeting. And this could be done by using any medium: pictures, sketches, writings, etc… On July the 11th the residents present the result of their reflections and research.


July 10th 2006
Meeting with
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Artistic director of Cittadellarte

Michelangelo Pistoletto speaks about Cittadellarte. Tour in the exhibition of Michelangelo’s art works with him: he explain his vision of art, and the concepts that guide his work.

July 12th and 13th 2006
Love Difference Unidee 2006 workshop,
step 1 - the process:
"Shared creative projects for common good", held by
Artway of Thinking

Artway of Thinking is a cultural association founded by Stefania Mantovani and Federica Thiene.
The social-comunitary-relational art is based on the observation and the listening of the content and of the community that live that content.
The relations with the local subjects are a creative potential for transforming and regenerating the content.
Presentation of their activity; practical exercises and presentation of the works.


meeting curated by Love Difference www.lovedifference.org
(Filippo Fabbrica, coordinator)

July 17th 2006
Workshop "Social Responsible Transformation",
with the Unidee staff

What is the Social Responsible Transformation.
Which criteria has to follow a project.
The difference between a social worker and an artist.
The nets of transformation.


July 20th and 21st 2006
Workshop "Free Software and Free Knowledge", held by Marco Ciurcina
Juan Carlos Gentile

What is free software: its philosophy, its origins.
Internet and Free Software: creative and relational potential.
Free Knowledge: intellectual property and digital right.
Working with Free Software: the practice and the diffusion.

Marco Ciurcina and Juan Carlos Gentile are members of "Hipatia – Free knowledge in action for the people of the world”. www.hipatia.info


July 25th 2006
Presentation of “
by Beatrice Catanzaro and Michele Fontana

Presentation of the project "Bocciami", intervention of public art as a partecipative model, with Beatrice Catanzaro, artist, UNIDEE resident in 2004, and Michele Fontana, video artist, performer, UNIDEE resident in 2005.


July 26th 2006
Meeting with the
Trento School of Management

Three students present their research made in collaboration with “Love Difference”: the relation between art and the enterprises.

the research on the Love Difference website


July 27th and 28th 2006
Workshop held by Raphaelle De Groot

Presentation of the project “8 x 5 x 363 + 1” made in the F.lli Cerruti factory by Raphaelle De Groot, artist, UNIDEE resident in 2002.
On July 28th, visit to the Lanificio Giuseppe Botto to see all the sectors, following the production process.

"8 x 5 x 363 + 1" on the website of Cittadellarte

August 3rd and 4th 2006
Workshop held by 001000100101

001000100101 are Italian artists that work together using strategies of non conventional communication to get visibility and diffuse their messages.
In the meeting they explain their art work following the temporal sequence.
Then there is a discussion between them and the residents: is their way of working ethically correct?


September 20th 2006
Meeting with Mark Vanderbeeken

Mark Vanderbeeken explains the basics of communication: the text or the speech have to be brief and essential.
Exercise of communication: explain someone else’s project.
Mark Vanderbeeken had decennial experience in the marketing and international communication sector for “mission-oriented” institutions in Belgium, USA, Denmark, and Italy.

Meeting organized by the Communication Office - Cittadellarte


September 28th 2006
Love Difference Unidee 2006 workshop,
step 2 - the vision:
"Cultural Identities in a Multicultural Society" , conference with
Yudhishthir Raj Isar

The conference, in the within of the Love Difference project "Europoly", is held by Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Professor of Cultural Politic at the International Communication Department at the American University of Paris.

meeting curated by Love Difference www.lovedifference.org
(Filippo Fabbrica, coordinator)

October 2nd 2006
Workshop "Ethical Bank and Finance",
held by
Giovanni Acquati (economist)
Francesco Bernabei
(Economy Office - Cittadellarte)

How and when the ethical finance was born.
An alternative economy.
Origins and movement of the capital sum.
The aim, the vision, the practice.

Giovanni Acquati, economist, expert of alternative economy and ethical finance is President of “Mag 2”, an holding company that support different methodologies in using money that combine financing activities and social earning.


October 4th and 5th 2006
Workshop held by Big Hope

Big Hope is a group of 3 artists: Miklos Erhardt (Hungary), Dominic Hislop (England), Elske Rosenfeld (Germany), born in Budapest in1998.
The group's aim is the construction of strategies for increasing the mutual interest between the structure and the communication of the social reality and the vast art world.
The workshop is about the relation between social workers and artists: which are the roles of the social workers? How creativity can be used in socially problematic environment?
On October 5th the workshop is held in the space "In Primo Luogo", in Turin, home of the project "Letterature di Svolta" (www.letteraturedisvolta.it)


October 6th 2006
Presentation by Natalia Restrepo Restrepo

Natalia Restrepo Restrepo is a Colombian artist, UNIDEE resident in 2001. She presents her work as an artist and the project “El Puente”.



October 11th 2006
Meeting with
Bryan Davies
and Laura Quarmby

Bryan Davies and Laura Quarmby are artists, UNIDEE residents in 2002.
They founded the Artist House in Leeds: an art studio whose aim is to put art in relation with other areas of the society: business, education, popular culture, realizing creative project of interaction with the territory.                               



October 24th 2006
Love Difference Unidee 2006 workshop,
step 3 - the evaluation:
"Impact of the Arts in the Society",
conference with
Anna Bamford

Anne Bamford is the director of the Engine Room of the Art College of Wimbledon, Art University, London. She is internationally known for her research about the recent methods of education and visual communication. She presents her research about the impact of art in education, practical exercises regarding this theme, the importance of the evaluation of a project: did the project achieve the aim?


meeting curated by Love Difference www.lovedifference.org
(Filippo Fabbrica, coordinator)