Mosquitoes' Dance
Culex Pipiens' attack

This movie investigates the issues surrounding wars through a mosquito narrative. These situations will be presented from a critical point of view, trying to point out the real causes of clashes and giving such awareness to people.

The movie is a mixed technique work and will involve traditional video filming, 2D computer drawn animations, digital pictures, 3D animations and dance. The body of our dancer will be the world where actions take place. Each part represents a specific geographical area that is interesting for our concept and we will build the scene environment over it. The reality populated only by mosquitoes is a mirror image of our reality, a lens mirror that makes the causes of the conflicts bigger and clear. The dance is the link between the two realities, the dancer is the human being trying to keep mosquitoes away but at the same time acting as the place where they live.

Raouf Haj-Yihya
and Francesco Perratone

in collaboration with Martina Baroncelli, Qiu Jun, Paula Rengifo, Ajay Kumar Tiwari