Needling Words Sewing Idioms
Breaking and remaking language structures... an attempt towards re-visioning mediums of expression

The near intentions of the ongoing project are to locate fresh tendencies in the production of hybrid languages of communication. The notion of hybrid here refers to the post-colonial situation of India and its inevitable relationship with its history.

To locate the notion of hybrid is to meticulously search into the historical and contemporary cultural analysis of modernity in India. This analysis for me amounts to analysing the multiplicity of languages of expression. Juxtaposing variations of verbal, visual and sculptural languages together, produces synthesized conundrums, often simple on the surface but cryptic in nature.
This process of layering the “intellectual” humdrum of verbal languages to the processes of meticulous crafts attempts a minute critique of contemporary metropolitan situation in India, where dichotomies at various levels and layers prevail together, forming an alienated subject, working in a liberal but insular social structure.

Rakhi Peswani