Real memories - Imaginary places
Costructing Virtual Spaces / Reconstructing Collective Memories

The intentions of the project are to locate physical and virtual
places, almost as parasites to existing spaces. The function of these physical and virtual places would be to expand and express the histories and a past into contemporary real situations. Since the historic identity of a place is built by the people of that place, our methodology was based on getting in touch with some people who have shared over two generations of their families with the Botto Giuseppe fabric industry.

Process development was based on informal dialogue with the employers and employees (still employed and retired ones) as well as informal visits at the fabric industry. These conversations were intended towards knowing personal as well as professional lives of the people who have shared (and are sharing) large parts of their lives with the industry. This communication triggered three future directions to the project which are as follows:
- Creating a virtual platform (local media for example) for empowering a dialogue amongst the people engaged with the factory at any point in their lives.
- Adequately refurbishing an existing space in the factory into an ever evolving people/workers’ living archive.
- Creating a research paradigm that may be applied to the broader field of capitalist industries and their social implications.

Rakhi Peswani
and Liron Shua