(mapping displacement)

The experience of living in various places, mostly other than my place of origin, or what I referred to as home over the past nine years, has made me conscious of my situation as that of the displaced.

While displacement cannot be limited to a physical dislocation, but becomes a psychological state experienced by many, my work focuses on exploring the subject through finding physical manifestations for this psychological state.

Displacement, referring both to physical displacement and a sense of being socially or culturally out of place, is a situation that is quite personal for me but at the same time is a vast phenomenon to the extend that is referred to as "the greatest single fact of the past three decades" in the postcolonial theories of our times.
While examining the historical sources of modern displacement
parallel to situation of displaced subjects and their essential need for the concept of home, I have become interested in the idea of home as an image both static and ever changing.
This image is almost like a narrative that told over time, stays the same in its core but is never told or remembered in the same way.
I have been building "images" through experimenting with spaces and time, drawing both from personal experiences while including and being effected by the descriptions and the experiences of others.
As the project progresses I would like to take the concept of the imagined image of home further by working specifically with displaced subjects basing my further explorations on their experiences and narratives of home.

Nazgol Ansarinia