Sviluppo S.O.S.tenibile
Self sustainable internet portal

We will create an internet portal used to propose an alternative development model through information and didactical instruments. Begin to consume less and produce in an economic, social and environmental sustainable way.

A documentary film is the first didactical tool for the portal. Other instruments that will be produced include a network – online simulation game on emissions trading and Kyoto protocol, an emissions calculator, animations on the CO2 cycle, tips for optimizing energy use, a movie on “how electrical energy is produced” and the creation of “action figures” representing actors of environmental and ecological situations. The portal will even present theoretical information on ecological and energy-related issues as well as very practical information, both of which were collected from collaborations with technical universities worldwide. From the portal you can directly reach web sites of responsible producers working with the same aim.

Francesco Perratone

in collaboration with Ecology Office-Cittadellarte, Corrado Bacco, Galveston