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Animation, as a participatory design process, presents itself as a potent medium to communicate the concepts of social relevance and importance, by not only being a medium to provide opportunities of participation at various stages of development but also being a medium of universal appeal beyond the boundaries of age, languages and nationalities.

“We as kids have views and perspectives which are our own.
We think and reflect on what we see around us. All we as kids need is a wider range of possibilities to explore our potential and possibilities in the outside world. The children need situations to explore their creativity and release their imagination. Kids need the time and space to investigate, express and communicate their feelings, thoughts and ideas”.
Yes, this thought is guiding this project in which a group of kids (10-12 years of age) will work in a team and will make a short animation film of their own. Each and every stage (from story to the final film), the creation and direction come from the kids. By expressing their feelings and thoughts through the medium which demands a lot of passion, patience, participation and team work, they will be offered great learning in terms of interaction, appreciation, tolerance, empathy and understanding. This process instills values of team work and mutual faith which are the most essential skills in today's world where all the best creations come from the multinational and multicultural teams working across the globe.
The kids will learn, explore, reflect, express, interact and above all enjoy.

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Further details of the project and the recent developments are
available at the project website www.cittadellarte.it/story
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Ajay Kumar Tiwari
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