Bringing manual work, inside the textile industry using artisanal knitting as a technical tool to create a comparison between the handwork and the machine work.
At the same time to share life and work conditions with those who work in the textile factory: Lana Gatto, Tollegno.

Action-Spacial Intervention.
The installation becomes an excuse: the process and all that it implies acquires a greater value. It allows me to experience the problems, the positive and negative aspects of working in a textile factory, by sharing time, space and experiences with the women who work there.
Through this comparison my artisanal work meets their machines work. Working with the fabrics produced by the machines, I reuse their wasted material: my efforts is to reverse the industrial process by cutting and tie up the fabrics with the Macramè technique for making an installation inside the manding department.

Paula Andrea Rengifo Valencia
email: meneum@yahoo.com