Accademia UNIDEE Three-year courses

05 Oct / 25 Sep, 2025
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Accademia UNIDEE, Cittadellarte
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Accademia UNIDEE is the formal educational program and offers a comprehensive three years study courses designed as bachelors in visual arts, design, media or sustainable fashion (awaiting formal recognition by the Ministry of Education, University and Research).

In this framework Accademia UNIDEE offers four different programs:
• Socially Engaged Visual Art
A program on Visual Arts complying with the Italian regulation about “Decorazione”.
The program mainly focusses on the role of the artist in civic sphere and the embeddedness of his research and practice with society.
Social Innovation Design
A program on Systemic Design complying with the Italian regulation about “Progettazione artistica per l’impresa”.
“Every product takes on social responsibility”: How can Design take care of Society? Can design be for society and humans? What about process design? Can design give answers to latent demands not represented by any formal commission?
Media Arts and Social Transformation
A program on New Media complying with the Italian regulation about “Nuove Tecnologie per l’Arte”.
The program concerns the relation between new media, society and humans and gives a better understanding of the world in order to become a social artivator.
Sustainable Fashion Design
A program on Sustainability in Fashion and Textile sector complying with the Italian regulation about “Progettazione artistica per l’impresa”.
Fashion is more and more unsustainable: thanks to a wide network of firms and designers working on sustainability, the program focusses on the whole fashion processes of ideating, producing, communicating and consuming.

Each of the four three-years programs is composed by:
• a set of modules and immersive experiences
• a long-term residency program
• internships or project works
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All courses of the three-year programs could be accomplished in their integrity, in this way the students could attend not the whole program but different modules.

The tradition of the Modules and our deep experienced immersive experiences
Every year UNIDEE proposes a set of different weekly modules, according to the Statement of our Visiting Curators (check the section “Themes”). The three-years program is based on a set of modules that complies with the Italian study-track of specific bachelors: together with Accademia UNIDEE offices it is possible to set up a program that is both taking care of really contemporary main issues and still is in accordance with the Italian regulations for higher education programs.
Each week students can participate to workshops and seminar modules moderated by a mentor: overarching approach to all courses is the relation between art and social change, investigated in the following intersecting and overlapping areas: visual art and visual cultures, cultural studies and media studies, design and social design and applied arts, histories, philosophy of technics and philosophies in general, psychologies, sociologies and anthropologies, viewing and showing of cultural and artistic heritage, communications, law, economies and economics.
The course is the starting point for training as "artivators", ie agents for the organization of actions and processes aimed at activating responsible changes in the social contexts in which one lives.

Long term residency programs
The three-year programs include three long-term residencies in Cittadellarte of three months each. During this period of time every student will develop his/her own artistic research under the guidance of a tutor.
Meanwhile in Cittadellarte artists from all around the world live an intense individual or collective research experience, Accademia UNIDEE’s students learn how to make a research in the art and design fields and meet an international network or artists, designers and social innovators.

Internships or project works
The full program includes an internship which is co-designed with every single student, according to his/her specific field of study and research. You need about three months up to a year or longer to complete and allow you to do an internship upon successful completion. Accademia UNIDEE will also guarantee students an internship site chosen between one of the hundreds of contacts of Cittadellarte spread around the world.
As an example, some UNIDEE students did their internship in Cittadellarte itself, working for UNIDEE program. But also in Cuba, hosted by the Third Paradise Embassy in La Havana. Hosted by small associations or big institutions. And so on: internship is intended as a deep individual experience of studying and research.