Residency programmes for international artists at Cittadellarte - Fall 2016

14 Sep / 14 Nov, 2016
Residency programmes for international artists at Cittadellarte have been conceived with the aim to educate (through modules, lectures, experts’ studio visits, meetings etc) and to produce (from exhibitions to talks to final publications) cultural projects related to a responsible social transformation. The residencies are developed in collaboration with institutional partners, such as RESO' network (Piedmont, Italy), Qattan A. M. Foundation (Palestine), Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation (India).

FALL 2016

From September to November 2016 the artists Kirsten Farrell and Raneem Turjman have been living and working in Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, thanks to Resò Network (Crt Fondazione per l'Arte- Piedmont) and QATTAN A.M. Foundation (Palestine), attending UNIDEE - University of Ideas weekly modules, while creating and producing their artworks.
They were asked to deal with the main topics of the 2016 UNIDEE programme: research, gift and alteration.

The residencies were conceived and designed according to UNIDEE’s methodology, which combines practice with theory, through workshops, seminars and a series of meetings, studio visits and trips tailored to the interests of each artist.
They presented their research on the 9th November 2016.
The residents are assisted in the research and production of artworks by the Education Office (Cecilia Guida, Giulia Crisci and Roberta Bernasconi) and by Art Office (Juan Esteban Sandoval).

9th November 2016, 5.00 pm, at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto


Kirsten Farrell (Australia, 1971), RESO' NETWORK – founded by Crt per l'Arte in collaboration with CCAS, Contemporary Art Space, Canberra.
She is a visual artist and art teacher.

During her residency Farrell was interested in reflecting on plastic as a simultaneously dangerous and precious material at the same time. It is the starting point for future research on everyday life materials, on waste and its possibilities for reuse, on manual labour as a way to evaluate a place, on the ambiguity of making art.
Farrell worked in empathy with the context of the building, with the support of n.o.v.a civitas Architecture Office of Cittadellarte, exploring the dimension of encounters with people during the residency.

Raneem Turjman (Jerusalem, 1987), UNIDEE residency in collaboration with QATTAN A.M. Foundation (Palestine).
She is a visual artist and filmmaker.

At Cittadellarte Turjman worked on the idea of a distorted self-portrait, starting from her feelings during the residency, looking into the transformative state she found herself in: be it artist, traveller, tourist, or documentarian. She situated herself in different times and spaces and attempt to make sense of the identity changes in each sphere. She worked on a short video, gathering together her own visions of the place along with others' perception of herself.