Cittadellarte’s Coworking

We are entering the era of the sharing economy. Whether out of choice or necessity, the demand for shared spaces is growing. That’s why Cittadellarte has decided to start a series of coworking spaces, i.e. work areas shared by professionals with different skills willing to exchange, learn, contaminate each other’s work. People with similar interests and complementary skills can decide to work on common projects, people usually working by themselves can satisfy the wish of sharing an office space and overcome the intrinsic isolation of their profession. Everything happens in the context of Cittadellarte, which houses and generates an actual open community in which every professional can provide their contribution and their skills on different levels.

Cittadellarte’s first coworking space opened in 2014, a place for creatives and professionals whose skills complement each other. More coworking spaces are being activated.

The services available are:

– work station fitted with lamp, four power sockets, ergonomic seat, personal shelves with a lockable compartment for storage of material

– printer / photocopier / scanner in network

– wireless connections

– room for meetings / workshops bookable by the hour (three of which are included in the monthly fee)

– relax area

– discount at Crossquare Restaurant

Each coworker will have access to Cittadellarte’s parking lot and to all its common areas, and operate in a creative and stimulating environment, ideal for working and receiving clients.

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 8:15 – 20:15, Saturday and Sunday 9:15 – 20:15

Cost: 85 euros a month (plus VAT) per person, with the opportunity to have a trial period of 1 week

Where: Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto ONLUS – via Serralunga 27, Biella

“Coworking is a new form of work. Coworking is like a wood, in which different species flourish, coexhist and each stays independent.”
Riccardo Valentino, CoworkingProgress – Il futuro è arrivato.


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