B.E.S.T. Master Coordinator

The spirit of sustainability lies within Olga.
A connoisseur for creativity, networking and building communities, she remains committed to promoting and sustaining art, culture and fashion in all its forms.
The launch of Fashion B.E.S.T. by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Franca Sozzani in 2009 commenced Olga’s commitment at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto. Born in Giussano amidst the greenery of Brianza, Olga contributes to the creation of new projects for training, design, development, production, distribution of ideas and sustainable textile products.
Today, Olga is the spirit that drives Fashion B.E.S.T, who through her solid foundations, in-depth research and innate sensibility towards sustaining conscious fashion has scouted new souls - the new generation founders that constitute B.E.S.T. to-date.
“My goal is focused on promoting change, and taking on a role of social responsibility through the practice of sustainability”


The peace arouser

Painter, Designer & Photographer.
Silvia is the co-founder of WRÅD as well her eponymous brand where she captures in her artistic flair the essence of her multi-sensory creations (visual, tactile, olfactory, emotional).
“Courage is the tool. Love is the mantra. Truth is the way”


The modular master

A new attitude towards clothing is Flavia’s concept.
Her signature style of modular clothing is built around the possibility to wear items in a multi-functional manner.
“I create clothes that lend themselves to the fashion game, in a responsible, dynamic, contemporary way”


The ecouture experimenter

Experimental couture is at the heart of Tiziano’s work.
His research of materials results in an eclectic mix of skilful craftsmanship, innovation and energetic creations.
“The natural evolution of luxury”


The focus designer

Education, sustainable innovation, fashion design and communication are the core values that underline each initiative that CEO and Co-founder of WRAD, Matteo ventures into.
“Educate ourselves and others on the true cost of fashion”


The revolutionist

Creativity for Fabrizio has always been synonymous with reinterpretation, in a new light – a firm non–believer of creation from nothing, with Denim been the leitmotiv of his career.
“A product with the lowest impact on the environment is one that already exists”


The conscious nomad

Conscious luxury defines the soul of Bav’s wellness project through geometrical silhouettes and effortless volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies.
“Respect your body + your sphere”


The shoe innovator

Founder of ACBC, Edoardo’s mission is to bring his sustainable technology across borders, from luxury to contemporary and casual brands.
“If sustainability is not accessible, if it’s stays in the world of luxury, it’s not impacting as it should be”


The vintage upcycler

Reuse of vintage garments, changing shape and pattern forms are the foundations of Yekaterina’s vision.
“Reworked, Remode and Upcycling”