Rafram Chaddad

Artist, curator



2003 Diploma from the School of Photography, Jersualem
2000 BA in Linguistics and Bsc in Mathematics at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


Unidee Projects

Rafram is working on an artist book and accompanying website about women, men and their memories. Memories are usually made up of smells, tastes and sounds. It will be an artist book which will contain recipes, sounds and stories - the ingredients of memory.
Another project, that is still at a very early stage, is Median Mirror, an attempt to touch on social issues through art. By combining statistics, as a very direct way to communicate facts to people, and the immediacy of the visual image, Rafram wants his art to reflect what is really happening in society, without the tedious effects economic reports have on people.
He has also made a three-minute short art video, Triadic Memory, shot on the island of Djerba during one week in August 2004.


Rafram says that the most important role of the artist is as a critic of society. It's part of the artist's responsibility to react - only the artists possess the tools to provoke change. The immediacy of the visual image makes it our greatest tool to change the world.




Europe is so different from Israel, says Rafram, it has a completely different agenda. It's so quiet here, no worries, whereas in Jerusalem there is action 24 hours a day and the tension is constantly palpable. Of course that affects your work and the choices you make, living in a place such as Israel makes it impossible not to engage in politics. The residency at Cittadellarte has therefore been a new and different experience for Rafram, and seeing the other residents' work and progress has certainly enriched his own.



You can find out more about Rafram's recent projects and future plans on manydee