The season 2023/24 of UNIDEE residency programme, curated by Visiting Research Curator Chiara Cartuccia, will elaborate on a thematic framework grounded in the pluralisation of Mediterranean concepts/spaces, as sites of world-making and experimentation in communal living. The project will look at ungrounded geographies and colliding historicities, as points of departure and arrival, for thinking and acting around the role played by artistic practices in the promotion of social transformation and epistemic justice today.


Moving Together, Apart.
Organising, Commoning and Instituting in the Mediterranean(s).
7-9 November 2022

In preparation to the start of the residencies’ season, UNIDEE organises a meeting event, with the purpose of expanding its scopes to a transregional and trans-institutional scale. During three days of space and time sharing in Cittadellarte, in between conversations and convivial gatherings, invited participants from art institutions and collectives operating in the larger Mediterranean area discuss ways of organising, commoning, thinking and acting together.

Different-scaled organisations have a chance to take into focus their reciprocal examples of expanded curatorship and (para-)institutional practice. The programme delves into the collaborative and transdisciplinary work of the invited guests, in order to map different modes and methodologies of instituting, and so to plot sustainable strategies of exchange of knowledges and resources. Participants explore forms of socio-political, cultural and ecological vigilance in curatorial and educational work, while moving across the expansive geographies of the Mediterranean.

This event aims at forging alliances and building an extended network of possible future collaborators, while starting weaving conversations that will be further developed in the next biennium of the UNIDEE residency programme and beyond.