Open call for appplications 2010: UNESCO-Aschberg bursaries for Artists Programme

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UNIDEE in Residence and UNESCO-Aschberg CLOSED – deadline call 10th November 2009 UNIDEE in Residence 2010 15 June – 15 October   Cittadellarte-Pistoletto Foundation in partnership with the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries

UNIDEE in Residence and UNESCO-Aschberg

CLOSED – deadline call 10th November 2009

UNIDEE in Residence 2010
15 June – 15 October

Cittadellarte-Pistoletto Foundation in partnership with the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme offers a fully supported residency for a young artist, curator or cultural project manager from Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The fellowship is co-financed by UNESCO-Aschberg and the Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto.

Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto is a non-profit organization founded in 1999, in Northern Italy, and runs a residency on its premises: the UNIDEE in Residence International Programme. The aim of the residency is to explore the rapport between Art and Society and to investigate methodologies of creative interventions able to activate projects for a responsible social change in society. UNIDEE in Residence forms a new professional skill: that of ‘activator’ of projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society.

During UNIDEE, the residents work on developing their proposed projects and actively participate in meetings and seminars held by representatives of the offices of Cittadellarte. The offices work on bridging art and society with the help of experts in various fields: artists, professors, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Events at Cittadellarte such as exhibitions, conferences, performances, and workshops represent an integral part of the time at UNIDEE.

The major points of the programme are:

Conceptualization, development, and discussion for the activation of a project of Responsible Social Transformation.
During UNIDEE the residents will have the possibility to concentrate on their idea, discuss their projects, receive feedback, establish contacts, and meet experts and artists who work in similar ways.

• The Collective Experience of elaboration, development, and realization of projects in the midst of the events in Biella.

This involves direct and constant engagement between residents, collaboration on projects, or simply less formal encounters that are decisive for experimentation in communal projects.

At the end of the four months there will be a public presentation entitled ‘UNIDEE in Progress’, displaying the development of the projects. The residents will have the possibility to work together for the preparation and realization of an experimental event and share their conceptual and operational capacity.

Conditions for eligibility:
Age: between 25 and 35
Candidates: committed artists, curators, photographers, designers, architects, animators, cultural project managers and communication project managers from Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Language: Working knowledge of English required
Deadline for application: 4th November 2009
Results will be published on UNIDEE website by the end of February 2010

Working/living conditions:
Cittadellarte provides private room, board and a common studio space (a 700 square meter loft), simple woodworking shop, library, computer room, cafeteria and kitchen. The resident must provide his/her own health insurance.

During the programme, residents attend lectures and project presentations, develop projects in collaboration with other residents and Cittadellarte itself. Cittadellarte arranges opportunities to meet and collaborate with experts as well as local partners, such as companies, neighborhoods, schools, institutions and councils.
At the end of the course every resident will receive a certificate of participation. This will not, however, be issued if the resident has been absent for more than 20% of the entire period of the residency.

Dates of Residency:

UNIDEE in Residence 2010 will take place from 15th June until 15th October 2010.

The fee covers:
• Seminars during the residency
• The organization of workshops
• Visits, lecturers, and technical support
• Participation in Cittadellarte activities
• Board and lodging while at the Foundation

Selection of applicants will be based on:
• Creative attitude towards social engagement
• Project
• Professional experience

Applicants are invited to submit the UNIDEE in Residence application form together with the following material and any supplementary information they consider pertinent to such an assessment:
• A completed and signed application form (download here: PDF format)
• Curriculum vitae
• Documentation of previous work
• A proposed project that you intend to develop during the months of the residency.
• A letter of personal motivation explaining the reasons why you wish to participate in this residency programme. Please, mention your objectives, needs and expectations in relation to the residency and your project. (Max. 2 pages)

Applications must be submitted to:
UNIDEE in Residence – UNESCO Aschberg Programme
Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga, 27
13900 Biella – Italia
Or by email:

For further information, please contact
UNIDEE in Residence Office
Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga 27
13900 Biella – Italy
Tel. +39-0150991462